LaserLeap Technology can be used for intradermal and transdermal delivery of cosmetics and drugs. 


LaserLeap technology efficiently delivers small and large molecular entities to the skin. Its unique ability to make large molecules cross the outer layer of the skin offers the opportunity for faster and more efficient treatments in the fields of cosmetics and Mesotherapy. Furthermore, with LaserLeap technology the transient permeabilization of the skin is painless and leaves the skin with the same look as before the treatment.


Topical analgesics and anesthetics in the form of creams or gels are widely used in Medicine. However, the onset of the analgesia or loss of sensation is delayed by the time required for a therapeutic quantity of the drug to cross the skin. With LaserLeap technology the time needed to reduce the local pain sensation can be substantially reduced.


LaserLeap broadens the scope of drugs that can be delivered through the skin. Especially suitable to be combined with LaserLeap are the deliveries of photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy and other drugs employed in the treatment of skin cancers or skin lesions. Large molecules, proteins such as insulin and biologics that cannot be taken orally can also be delivered through the skin with LaserLeap.


The painless administration of vaccines with LaserLeap can increase compliance with vaccination campaigns and reduce the risk of infections and contaminations. It also reduces dangerous waste. Vaccination with LaserLeap can be effective due to the presence of immune response cells in the epidermis of human skin.


A number of newly introduced drugs, including DNA based drugs, are not available for oral delivery. As those drugs must have transdermal administration, new opportunities for LaserLeap Tecnologies can be opened in the near future.