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A new converter.

LaserLeap’s technology is unrivaled in the scientific and clinical world. A laser beam pulse is completely absorbed by a highly absorbent material capable of producing high frequency ultrasound. While the ultrasound generated is absorbed by the different layers of the skin, it transmits its momentum to the skin components, which then leave their fixed positions, thus creating channels for the diffusion of drugs and molecules. The skin’s elasticity forces it to return to its original position, which closes the channels.

The production, use and application of high-frequency ultrasound are techniques patented worldwide and are the exclusive property of LaserLeap Technologies for the permeabilization of biological barriers such as the skin. This high-frequency ultrasound is produced through the efficient conversion of a laser beam into pressure through highly absorbent materials that are not destroyed during this physical process.

These converters are able to very quickly absorb all of the energy of the laser beam and convert it into a high-frequency ultrasound capable of temporarily permeabilizing the skin.