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The skin is the organ of the human body that ensures homeostasis, regulates exchanges with the exterior and prevents the diffusion of external elements through its cell layers. The skin barrier function refers to its superficial layer, the stratum corneum, resulting from the high density of cells and different chemical environments. As a result, the transdermal delivery of drugs approved by the World Health Organization is reduced to around a dozen or to hypodermic injections.

High-frequency ultrasound consists of high-impetus pressure waves with compression and rarefaction regions that cross the stratum corneum and create brief changes in internal pressure. This physical phenomenon causes the expansion of the stratum corneum and the appearance of gaps (channels) where the cellular structure is altered and disorganized, which facilitates the diffusion of molecules through the newly created spaces. When the stimulus ends, the skin recovers its cellular organization within minutes and, therefore, its barrier function.